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We are at the forefront of some highly innovative and ambitious major regeneration projects in London  and the scale of our  ambition can be seen in our flagship £6bn investment in Meridian Water.  This is one of the largest housing developments in London which will create 10,000 new homes and 7,000 permanent jobs for our residents.  Other projects include Dujardin Mews, the first Council-led social housing by us in 40 years- delivering quality exemplar housing for our local community. The transformational Cycle Enfield scheme is both exciting and controversial delivering a network of cycle routes throughout the borough. Click the links below for more detail about our exciting regeneration projects.

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Peter George, Assistant Director Regeneration speaks further about about our flagship Meridian Water project:

Enfield is buying up land to create a vibrant new community

Meridian Water is the redevelopment of an 85-hectare area of brownfield industrial land in the south-east corner of Enfield that will provide more than 10,000 mixed-tenure homes and 7,000 permanent jobs in a high-quality, mixed-use environment.

The development will benefit from proximity to the River Lee, a station on a central-London to Stanstead train line, the Lee Valley Regional Park and road access via the north circular.

It is in particular this relationship to water and the abundance of grassland that provides a perfect tranquil setting for a desirable neighbourhood. When fully developed the views over the adjacent Banbury Reservoir as well as much of London will be breath-taking.

Meridian Water will be a vibrant place to live; there will be a bustle from the early morning into the evening and beyond. The new Meridian Water station will take commuters into work and bring workers into the area.

Addressing deprivation

Through the development, Enfield LBC seeks to address the high levels of deprivation that persist in the Edmonton area by generating and spreading prosperity into the neighbouring areas. Prosperity will be created by the 7,000 permanent jobs and good quality schools, through creating pathways for local people to access these jobs such as training and apprenticeships. The council is also looking to deliver, from 2017, the Meridian Water Built Environment Training Centre, which will focus on training local people to access the 10,000 construction jobs.

The development also aims to be the catalyst for improvements to rail infrastructure in the area. The high levels of deprivation in the east of Enfield are due in part to poor public transport. Meridian Water has also helped to make the successful case for a third track and we are putting forward a case, based on new homes and jobs, for a fourth rail track, which will pave the way for Crossrail 2 in 2033.

Enfield LBC’s approach is unprecedented in the UK as the council is committed to acquiring all of the developable land at Meridian Water. The council has made excellent progress to date, acquiring 15 hectares via negotiation and a further six hectares are to follow within the next few months.

Enfield’s decision to take the lead on acquiring the land has two objectives. First, the move was essential to de-risk the opportunity and make it an attractive commercial proposition. Second, land ownership provides the council with control over the nature and timing of the development. This also means the council can protect its financial position by ensuring land is only leased to our developers on a phased basis once financial hurdles have been passed.

Enfield’s ambition for Meridian Water is also unique. The council wants to create a new neighbourhood that becomes a sought after location to live, work and socialise. This has not been achieved on this scale in recent decades.

Taking the lead

The mixture of uses for the development will ensure the area remains active; cafes, nurseries, gyms, bars, workspace, schools, parks, a cinema and social clubs will all contribute to the steady footfall.

Place-making and quality of design are key strategic priorities for Meridian Water so the development will be known for its striking architecture, attention to detail and consistent quality irrespective of housing tenures or affordability. Inclusivity will be a guiding principal, with places designed deliberately to foster community cohesion, bringing together the existing community of Angel Edmonton and the new community of Meridian Water.

Enfield LBC has made a lot of progress to deliver Meridian Water. Most notably the council has selected Barratt Homes as the master developer, along with its commercial partner Segro, to develop the entirety of Meridian Water over a 20-year contract period.

The council has also taken the lead on preparing an outline planning application for the first 725 homes, the train station, a gym, shops and community centre. Construction will start on site in spring 2017 and the first few hundred homes, a third railway line and the new station are due for completion towards the end of 2018.

Enfield LBC has already made a start to achieve the desired changes in employment. The council has won £1.35m from the Greater London Authority’s London Regeneration Fund, which will be match-funded on a 50/50 basis to deliver Meridian Works.

Meridian Works is a collaboration with local business Building Bloqs, which provides manufacturing workshop space, the Association for Cultural Advancement through Visual Art, which provides artist studios, and the GLA to provide Europe’s largest open workshop.

This means small businesses and freelancers can hire space to make products for sale out of wood, metal, textiles and through digital photography, and there will be 30 artist studios. This project will be accommodated in two large warehouses that sit alongside the River Lee.

None of this progress would have been possible without the support of the council’s strategic partners. Meridian Water was confirmed as a housing zone in 2015, which brought with it the crucial support of the GLA and the council is also working closely with Transport for London, Network Rail, the Environment Agency and other statutory agencies to deliver Meridian Water.


The main challenge to this project was winning the confidence of the development sector. Before Enfield, coordinated the funding commitment to deliver a new railway line, acquired the first plots of land, and assembled an expert team, there was no confidence that the council had the capacity or the skills to implement this ambitious vision.

It has been challenging to acquire land from existing landowners. The council can only pay the market value for land, so has had to take a very commercial approach to negotiating deals with landowners but we have so far been successful and have not had to resort to using compulsory purchase orders.

Projected outcomes

There are a number of outcomes that Enfield LBC aims to achieve through this project.

The first is to lift the Edmonton wards out of the 10% most deprived in the country. The council wants Meridian Water to catalyse a new local economy in this area that can spread prosperity into the neighbouring areas. We want to make Meridian Water a successful and desirable neighbourhood. Key to this will be ensure the area remains a lively and dynamic place where fun is easy to find, all set within an area renowned for the stylish architecture and the access to open space and the waterways.

We want Meridian Water to include 10,000 mixed tenure homes. The development must provide a housing offer for every stage of residents’ lives.

This means that there must be a spectrum of affordability so people with the lowest incomes have housing options, as well as people whose earnings make purchasing a home viable. There will be a full range of housing types and styles and crucially the housing offer must consider cultural preferences as well as those who require specialist and adapted housing.

The 7,000 permanent jobs we aim to deliver through this development are part of a move to achieve a shift away from the existing low-pay employment to sectors that offer higher salaries, so local people can apply for jobs that pay enough to will enable them to live in London.

We aim to have a not-for-profit company coordinate the management and maintenance of the Meridian Water land to ensure consistent high standards irrespective of tenure. At the same time, the council is to invest heavily into Meridian Water, taking risk in order to benefit from both a revenue and capital return. This is important to the council as the returns can be invested in other projects and initiatives.

Peter George, assistant director of regeneration, Enfield LBC

Project: Meridian Water
Objectives: To use the delivery of 10,000 mixed-tenure homes and 7,000 permanent jobs in a high- quality, mixed-use environment to lift Edmonton wards out of the 10% most deprived in the country
Timescale: First phase of construction: 2017-2018
Cost: £80m on acquiring land, remediation and professional fees
Number of staff working on project: 15, plus a large external consultancy team Outcomes: To make Meridian Water a successful and desirable neighbourhood

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