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The Council is transitioning from Enfield 2017 into our next phase of transformation. Through this the Council anticipates to ‘sweat’ the investment of Enfield 2017, in terms of the new foundations of digital access and service automation as well as efficient centres of excellence supporting service delivery.

The new programme will encompass ‘whole systems’ based review of 23 high value and high cost areas of operation. We are currently undertaking pathfinder reviews in 5 major service areas and while we expect to establish significant further efficiencies through internal service redesign, digitisation and automation; we will be realigning our purpose to more effectively meet current customer and stakeholder value and need. We will be seeking to build on the E2017 design principle of ‘only do things that make sense for us to do’, enabling individuals and communities to thrive with less council intervention while increasingly integrating our services with the wider public service and voluntary network in Enfield. Our expectation is to reduce existing demand through an increase in prevention in areas like homelessness, improved signposting and targeted promotion of the full range of local Adult Social Care provision residents can access or increasing housing tenants own property maintenance capability, among other approaches.

This work will align closely with strategic commissioning which is being wholly centralised in our Procurement and Commissioning Centre of Excellence. We are increasing our focus on improved strategic commissioning around individual needs in high cost areas such as adults with complex Learning Disability and Special Educational Need Transport. Improving the provision of enablement services, moving resources upstream to reduce the demand for high cost care based provision. Furthermore, the new centre of excellence will be acting to stimulate the London market of care providers into areas of demand reduction and lower cost responsive delivery. The centre of excellence will continue to seek to reduce the overall cost of procurement and deliver significant savings to the MTFP through embedding a sophisticated commissioning/procurement cycle that will connect need analysis, market and community capacity, service options, streamlined procurement and outcome based contract management. The Council has a co-managed partner, Ernst & Young, for the Procurement and Commissioning Centre of Excellence.

The council is also looking to build on the success of its commercialisation strategy with an increased focus on commercialising our unique expertise in a number of areas from care provision, educational support, regulation, regeneration, design services, digital service development and process redesign. We also continue to commercialise our office real estate as we reduce our own requirements for this space through streamlining our workforce and increased remote and mobile working.

We anticipate these activities will meet the targets of the MTFP until the end of 2019/20 through an increase in income and a reduction in ongoing expenditure. We anticipate a further reduction of approximately 200 – 300 council employees and associated costs by reducing and shifting demand while increasing digital self-service and automated process delivery. We will be increasing our presence in higher value service markets developing long term commercial streams and with the ambition to reduce our third party spend by £12m over 3 years through our new Centre of Excellence we continue to effectively spread our saving risk.

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